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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM

What about black?  Yes, some advise a black blazer, black pencil skirt, black pants, black, black, and more black.  Next we read, “No more black,” “Don’t wear black,” and the idea is passed on without thinking, from one fashionista to another until it’s become the trend.  So don’t believe it.  There’s no logic and it’s limiting.  The reality is that black never left!  Black is a fantastic wardrobe neutral color, looking modern, mixing well with every other color, is relatively slimming, and doesn’t show soil.  Black is a fail-safe option for business but it works with daytime denim and for evening too.  Wear black with one of your personal body colors and you’re beautifully part of the color scheme with your clothes.

Do the same with the other rich, darker wardrobe neutrals.  You’re not stuck with or without black.  Consider charcoal, navy, brown, gray, olive, forest, teal, plum, burgundy, and rust to name a few.  Take delight in your options.  Then look around for a patterned print in a color scheme that you love, that includes your choice for core pieces and start building that perfect cluster of clothes easy to work with and easy to wear everywhere.  Below are a few options we found from Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren5dd364334cee6fabe1c47e6278dab5f5

Choose wardrobe essentials in basic black or whatever rich wardrobe neutral color you prefer.  With these in your closet, you will discover that many of your better quality clothes will easily intermix with them.  As you add on, look for defining pieces that speak to your personal style.  Add-ons might include a stylish pin-stripe vest if you like, or a chevron stripe sweater, or a colorful cardigan, and definitely patterned pieces that give life to solid colored basics.  Arrange this basic cluster of clothes in your closet according to the Style Scale® and you will know what goes with what, and where it takes you looking like you belong.  To get involved with creative, real-life clusters and wardrobe styling that works for you, join me for our Style for Life: Image Enhancement Retreat scheduled next for May 18-23. Love to have you with us!

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A little blush is inexpensive, fast, easy and enlivens your look!

Our personal style is evident in our behaviors – the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the words we speak, and the way we spend our time.  Next time you overeat or berate your body, drop the endings of your words or swear like a sailor, follow a fashion trend only to realize you’ve become a fashion victim, procrastinate or chicken out on your workout or a meeting, try something new to improve your behavior.  Don’t blame yourself or somebody else.  Blame your environment.  You are a product of your environment, so control it.  Yeah, right!

Decades of research in the behavioral sciences reveals that we have far less control over our behavior than we think.  We generally assume that our behavior is far more conscious or self-directed than it really is.  Truth be known, it’s not.  “No,” that doesn’t let us off the hook in terms of our responsibility for our behavior.  “And yes,” there are many things in life that are beyond our control.  Nonetheless, we are far more affected by small changes in our physical environment than we realize or understand.  This knowledge fits in nicely with the notion that the most effective way to control your life and behavior is to take control of the things that control you.  That said, the easiest thing you can control is your environment and your most immediate environment is your clothing-much like a second skin.  Something we can control is the clothing we buy and choose to wear each day, as well as our grooming habits.

Rarely do people think of changing their physical environment as a way to change their behavior.  We see others misbehave and we expect them to change, not their environment.  We get so caught up in the human side of behaviors we completely miss the impact of subtle yet powerful environmental factors such as our clothes and grooming aids.  It’s a lot easier to change things, like clothes, than it is to change people.  Even when we do recognize the impact our clothing is having on us, most people rarely know what to do about it.  That’s where I come in with accurate image information and relevant wardrobe strategies that are timely, easy to apply, and support your goals.














Lest you doubt that clothes affect you, be aware that our thought processes and related behaviors are based on physical experiences.  Consider, for example, scientific research projects that studied the effects of wearing a white lab coat.  It turns out that if you wear a white lab coat, like one belonging to a dietitian or a doctor, your ability to pay attention increases, you function at a higher level, and others see you as more intelligent or professional.  Wow, no small change there!


I continually emphasize that what you wear affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act or behave, and only then the way others react or respond to you.

Knowing this, I highly recommend that you dress on purpose, with positive intent.

Choose to wear only the clothes that will best influence or develop your best behavior.   Empower yourself with clothes and grooming aids that work for you.

  • You don’t want to overeat?  Wear a somewhat tight belt reminding you to eat smaller portions. And, while you’re at it, get empty-calorie snack foods out of the house or apartment.  Use smaller plates, forks, and spoons.  It works.
  • Don’t want to berate your body?  Do “Dress Slim” with enough ease in the fit of your clothes and you’ll like the way you look.
  • Don’t’ want to slur your speech or swear like a sailor?  Do dress up a little more formally.  You’ll stand taller and speak more clearly, purposefully, and politely.
  • Don’t want to become a fashion victim?  Do become more knowledgeable, discover and define more about yourself, then develop a style that reflects YOU.
  • Don’t want to miss an upcoming networking event?  Start early and dress up enough to look and feel sharp, ready to go.
  • Do want to work out more often, not give in or give up?  Do outfit yourself in bold active wear.  Dressed ready to exercise, you’ll feel more like getting into it.
  • Do want to accomplish more at work?  Do dress like you mean business and you will.


My daughter, granddaughters, and daughter-in-law all “dress the part” to motivate and facilitate their 50K workout.

The best way to control your behavior – and your life – is to take control of the things that control you-starting with your immediate environment.  Even a small improvement in your dress and grooming can affect a large improvement in your behavior.  Make your clothes part of your positive personal style, propelling you toward success in all you do.

Want to know more about Personal Style?  Order Personal Style: What is it? Who Has It? How You Can Have It, Too. Wardrobe Strategy #8 .  Visit our website www.conselle.com or contact us at Conselle, 801-224-1207 or judith@conselle.com.


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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate

People have asked me, “How do you dare to tell other people what to wear?”  An easy answer, I dare because I care.  And it’s OK for you to care too.  I know first-hand the positive difference discovering your personal style in dress can make in your everyday life.  As I tell my clients, the clothing you wear affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act, and then the way others react or respond to you.  Nothing vain or superficial about that!


With the start of a new school year and the change in seasons coming up, it’s a fine time to take time to care for yourself.  You’ve likely been giving a lot of time and attention to others all summer, perhaps even so much of yourself there’s hardly anything left for you.  It’s time to get in touch with yourself and your spirit, to renew how you think of yourself–your values, personality, and goals for the next few months.  Then give some thought to how you might reflect those aspects of yourself through your clothes and accessories.



Start simple.  Go to a paint store.  Look at the wide range of color chips and identify colors that make your heart sing or make you want to get moving.  Pull your favorite paint chips for future reference and pick just one to work with now.  With this color in mind, shop for a top in that color and wear it with clothes you already own.  Shop for an accessory in that this color. Give yourself a chance to make friends with a new color.  When you feel more adventurous, pair this color with one of your personal body colors–your hair, eyes, skin, or blush color–and shop for a patterned piece of clothing containing both colors, making you part of the color scheme with your clothes.


Making little changes in what you wear can add up to a big transformation in how you see yourself and how others see and respond to you.  Yes, you can do this yourself, or you could join us for our 5 day Style For Life Retreat and speed up the process.

  • Take charge of the way you see yourself and others see you
  • Discover, define, and develop your own personal style
  • Zero in on strategies for dressing slim and a fabulous fit
  • Improve your self-presentation
  • Enhance self-image
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Never be a fashion victim again!

Join us at the legendary and luxurious Little America hotel in Salt Lake City, November 17-22, 2014, and discover a New You!  GET MORE INFORMATION HERE or call Kathy at 801-224-1207.


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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate


Recently I received another Spring fashion update put out by an image consultant which included photos of some of the outfits put together for a variety of clients. I was surprised — and disappointed. The clothes were classic, but the outfits were so plain and boring–solid color shirt and pants, solid color cardigan sweater and skirt, but that was it. There was no creativity, no finesse or pizzazz, nothing finished about the outfits. Anyone could have put these outfits together — no need to pay a professional for these ultra basic looks.
As image professionals, we need to offer something a bit out of the ordinary — something perfect for the client but something the client wouldn’t likely think of. When we hear the client say, “Oh-h-h, I’d never have thought of that,” we know we just earned our money.

Classics don’t need to look so conservative that they become boring. Include a perfect pattern in some of the outfits. Layer lightweight fabrics in an unusual way. Finish the outfits with unique or updated accessories, always with one dominant focal point in the outfit — remember Conselle’s Fashion Rule of ONE. Make sure your work delivers something out of the ordinary, an investment in perfect harmony with your client.

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Understanding your personal style is a matter of knowing yourself.  You will become more in tune with your personal style when you answer these 5 questions.
  1. What design traits do my favorite clothes possess?
  2. What do my clothing traits communicate to me and to others?
  3. Are there any personality traits I’d like to develop, that my clothing might enhance or encourage?
  4. Am I missing out on a part of myself that might be nice to experience?
  5. Do I use my clothing as a resource or tool to present, express, or reflect the real me?
When you say to yourself, “That’s me,” you’re responding to the similarity of the clothing traits and yourself – in whatever unique mix or blend you might be.  When someone else says, “That’s you,” they are reacting to the harmony they see between you and the clothes.  For many people, recognizing the correlation is enough.  They are fully able to find the clothes they need and want to wear.  Others want or need to go further.  This is where we come in.  Conselle’s Image Management Specialists are educated to recognize your current personal style and how it relates to your lifestyle, values, personality, figure and coloring.  We’ll teach you how to use your clothing as a tool to express the real you and achieve your goals.  We’re just a CLICK away.  Take the first step in creating harmony between you and your image.  CLICK HERE.

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Bush Poplin Safari Jacket and Cotton Oxford Shirt from TravelSmith

Bush Poplin Safari Jacket and Cotton Oxford Shirt from TravelSmith

By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate

What are the characteristics that define your dad?  Rugged?  This jacket will work for him.  Refined?  It will work for him too.  Articulate?  Check.  Adventurous?  Yep.  You name the guy, this jacket will work for him.  Why?  Because it’s a classic.  Let’s take a look at what makes a classic piece.

Classics 101
  • Classics satisfy many clothing needs for many people.
  • Classics are attractive on most figures.
  • Most people have places to wear classics.
  • Most people can afford to buy classics.
  • Classics are core pieces, retaining their appeal and ability to be worn for seven to ten years or more, without looking dated.
If you think the world of your dad, give him the gift that will take him places for a long time.  Give him the classic safari jacket.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate

trend or foe sp

Spring is a great time to update your wardrobe.  Adding whites and bright colors is a great way to create the look and feel of Spring.  Choose pieces that match your lifestyle, personal style, coloring and figure.  Beware of articles and advertisements that list those things you “must have” this season.   No matter how trendy the style may be, there are no “must haves.”    Why?  Because we each have our own, unique lifestyle, personal style, coloring, and figure.  What may be a harmonious look for one person, can be completely awful for another.  Here are a few examples of “must haves” that relatively few can wear well, and many can just plain do without.  The photo above shows a popular trend right now, short shorts, pastels and polka-dots.  All of these characteristic reflect a personal style that is very Yin oriented.   If your coloring is fair, your figure is just right, and your personal style is playful and whimsical, then this look may work for you.  If not, you may end up looking like you’re trying to be someone else.  More trend tips:

The big bold print in the red shirt would completely drown out a petite woman or someone with lighter hair and skin.

The big bold print in the red shirt would completely drown out a petite woman or someone with lighter hair and skin.

Jumpsuits can be fun, but not if you are looking to minimize larger shoulders and arms. Not to mention that the mid-section must be the same size as the garment, not too long or too short.

Jumpsuits can be fun, but not if you are looking to minimize larger shoulders and arms. Not to mention that the mid-section must be the same size as the garment, not too long or too short.

A short, wrap style dress would only attract attention to larger legs.

A short, wrap style dress would only attract attention to larger legs.  If you’re going strapless, get rid of the tan lines.  (This model has a distracting line on her right shoulder.)

Nude heals blend in with the color of the legs, giving the illusion of no shoes.  The look can be unbalanced.  With a heavy black sweater, this model looks very top heavy.

Nude heals blend in with the color of the legs, giving the illusion of no shoes. The look can be unbalanced. With a heavy black sweater, this model looks very top heavy.

Next time you see a list of “must haves”, ask yourself, “Does this print / color enhance my own coloring, or does it fight with it?  What is the first thing others see when they look at me?  Is their attention going where I want it to go?”  Remember that you can pick and choose the trends you want to adopt this season.  Choose those that will enhance your wonderful features, if the “must have” look doesn’t do that, then let someone else have it.

Want to know exactly what your personal style is?  Your coloring, lifestyle, or body type?  Conselle has the right person to get you focused.
Call us at (801) 224-1207 to set up an a free discover call.  
We also have the right materials! Get them at http://www.conselle.com/fashion-consulting-books.php

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