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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate


Yes, it’s November.  Which means summer is officially gone and for most of us, so is that healthy sun-kissed complexion.   Before choosing a bronzer that leaves you looking unnatural, try an affordable blush.  Blush adds warm color to the cheeks and imparts a healthy glow to your whole face. It draws attention up to your eyes, emphasizes eye color, and creates illusions about facial contours. Here’s what to look for and how it’s done:

  • Choose the color to coordinate with skin, lip color and clothing color.  Select muted tones, never bright.  Blush doesn’t need to expensive.  Drug store brands are an excellent choice.
  • Using a soft brush, apply blush in an upward and outward direction over your cheek bone.  This is where many get into trouble.  Before applying blush, touch your cheekbone with your fingers.  This is where the blush should be applied.  Many apply blush too low or too close to the nose, which doesn’t bring attention to those dazzling eyes.
  • Blend smoothly with the brush or a dry sponge.  Avoid circles or streaks of blush.  We’re not going for the melodrama’s damsel in distress look here.

There’s no need to look as pale as it is outside.  Bring on the winter!  You’ll be ready with just a bit of blush.

To learn more about practical make-up ideas, try out Conselle’s Make Up, Make Down, and Make Over clinic.


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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliatebig earrings

What’s wrong with those HUGE earrings?

  • One, they are impractical and often in the way. Talking on the phone with them is next to impossible.
  • Two, long earrings get caught on the shirt collar or shoulder causing snags and often embarrassment when someone sees you trying to untangle yourself from your clothing.
  • Three, they can even lead to a hospital visit.  A friend forgot she was wearing large hoop earrings when she brushed her hair.  The brush caught the earring and and pulled it straight through her ear.  Ouch!
  • Four, they usually end up “wearing you”, calling attention to themselves and away from you and what you have to say.  Instead of looking hip, you look like the latest fashion victim.
Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Too late, you say?  You’ve already bought them and aren’t anxious to get rid of them?  Avoid the embarrassment and possible pain by converting them into a necklace.  One large pendant isn’t going to compete for attention with your face like two HUGE earrings.

Take a simple chain that corresponds with the look of the earring, loop the earring hook over the chain and squeeze it together.  It’s a great look and leads attention up to your face instead of away from it.  It works.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM

Today’s fashion segment on the Today Show featured advice on how to update or upgrade our look.  The answer to the first question sounded simple, “Accessories.”  But the new look was a new “statement” jacket way beyond simple.  “Statement” earrings followed, hanging 7 inches long.  The “statement” was not smart but stupid—a fashion victim in the making.

The second question asked how to wear a sequined print blouse at the office.  The answer included a double strand of beads hanging below the waist, a dark shiny satin skirt, shiny gold ankle-strap high heel shoes, with a huge letter-carrier leather bag, the shoulder strap hanging below the knees.  What?  Who?  When?  Where?  Overkill and total confusion in the total look.

Just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean it works or you should try it.  7-inch long earrings signal trying too hard to be trendy.  Shiny sequins, satin, and gold heels shout “Party” while the huge sportive looking leather bag calls for denim, corduroy, or tweed.  The clash of opposing textures sends mixed messages, confusing to the viewer and not in harmony with what needs to happen in the office.  The idea that “anything goes” today goes way too far.  Less IS more.

Photo: Free People

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM, and Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate

Popular Fashion Trends for 2010 #1: Wingtip Brogues

Wingtip brogues, a classic shoe style for men, is becoming a hot fashion trend for women this year.  Wingtip shoes, also known as brogues, get their name from the toe cap that forms a “W”, which resembles a bird spreading its wings as the toe cap opens up along the sides.  Wingtip brogues have characteristic perforated holes along the edges, forming the winged shaping. 

To add to the menswear trend we have seen over the last several seasons, wingtip brogues can be worn for business or social occasions.  Traditionally, great ways to wear wingtip brogues are with trousers to the office and other business occasions.  This time around, we’re going to see them worn with a flowing floral skirt for a more relaxed look, or with pants and jeans for social occasions.  Pants are often shown rolled up with edgy abandon.  While current fashion magazines are showcasing models wearing micro mini shorts, anklet socks, wingtip shoes and declaring it workplace appropriate, short shorts are obviously best saved for after hours. 

Popular Fashion Trends for 2010 #2: Nude Nails

One of the hottest fashion trends this year is nude-colored clothing, accessories, and nails.  When women wear a bright, dramatic polish on their nails, colleagues and clients see 10 continually moving distractions.  Particularly for business, neutral shades like shell pink, cream, beige, taupe, cinnamon, wheat, or mocha are terrific, in correlation with one’s outfit and apparent skin tone.  Since each woman has her own personal coloring, when choosing a nude polish, it’s advisable to look for a color that best harmonizes with their skin color. 

Popular Fashion Trends for 2010 #3: Military Jackets

The classic military jacket is getting headlines again.  Often in a khaki or olive green color, military jackets traditionally have epaulettes or tabs at the shoulders – adding great visual width and weight which serves to balance the body – breast pockets – giving the eye something else to look at besides the breast itself – and metallic buttons that lead the eye inward for a slimming effect and upwards to the face for improved communication.  Pair a military jacket with pants, a straight skirt, or a button front skirt with matching buttons for a polished professional look at the office. 

Available in all price ranges, watch for these popular fashion trends for 2010 in your favorite stores or catalogs.

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2010

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would be delighted to help you integrate 2010’s popular fashion trends into your wardrobe!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate

Tips to Lose 5 Pounds - or at least look like it!

So you indulged over the holidays (join the club) and your New Years Resolution is to lose five pounds.   Here are some helpful tips to help you keep your resolution to lose five pounds — or at least look the part!

  • Tip to Lose 5 Pounds #1: Stash healthy snacks at the office.  The next time you’re jonesing for a snack, reach for healthy roasted peanuts or trail mix instead of cookies.
  • Tip to Lose 5 Pounds #2: Grab a friend and get into an exercise routine.  Having a work-out partner will help you stay consistent and committed to your goal.  You’d be amazed at the difference a 15-minute walk will do for your body everyday.
  • Tip to Lose 5 Pounds #3: Use accessories to draw attention away from problem areas.  A colorful scarf will draw the eyes away from your tummy.
  • Tip to Lose 5 Pounds #4: Wear the dominant, attention-getting color near the face to draw the attention up. 
  • Tip to Lose 5 Pounds #5: Stand up straight!  Good posture will make you look 10 pounds lighter in a snap.
Copyright Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM
Business women face the dilemma of what to carry–purse or briefcase.  The question is how to keep business folders and documents neat, clean and organized or your lunch in tact;  how to have keys, charge cards, pens, wallet and makeup close at hand; how to travel across town, present a paper, promote a product, or shake hands with ease and without looking like a bag lady.

A purse is often too feminine, a briefcase too masculine, a purse and a briefcase too cumbersome and pockets are absent or impractical.  There seems to be no one perfect solution for all women, but instead a variety of solutions based on how much you have to carry and where you work.

If you carry a lot–legal briefs, professional journals, binders, books or boots–a large tote bag or briefcase is required.  If desired, they double as overnight bags for business travel.  If a few papers are the norm, a slim envelope bag or portfolio is sufficient.  If it’s keys and a wallet, with a minimum of makeup, a small bag will do.  No sense to carry something larger than you need–unless you’re after the more assertive professional image associated with a briefcase, even an empty one.

If you work in a traditionally conservative or formal business office, stick with a classic leather handbag or briefcase, one devoid of decoration or designer initials.  Plain and simple is the rule.  If you work in a creative or casual business office, your options expand to include the variety of leather or fabric totes and even canvas or polished-looking leather back packs.

PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PURSES:  If a smaller handbag meets your needs, choose from the professional looking clutch, envelope or satchel styles available–often with a detachable shoulder strap.  Conservative business bags should be made of fine leather or an excellent imitation leather.  Suede is less durable than leather.  Fabric or straw bags are appropriate for after-hours and creative or those in casual business positions.

Choose from the variety of classic colors–black, brown, burgundy, gray, navy, luggage, cinnamon or chestnut-brown.  Light or bright colors are acceptable for creative or casual business bags, although lighter colors show the soil and scratch marks more readily than darker colors.  Handbag colors should coordinate well with mainstay clothes and shoes in your business wardrobe.

Givenchy Tote Bag

PRACTICAL TOTEBAGS:  Women in creative or casual business positions find totebags a practical alternative to a briefcase.  Not as formal, totebags offer more flexibility for bulky items along with a variety of fashion options.  Available in a wide range of sizes, leathers and fabrics, you might want to consider leather for fall/winter and straw, canvas or linen for spring/summer.

Totebags are softly constructed.  Papers are easily crushed and wrinkled under the weight of books and personal items.  A thin notebook or portfolio that slips easily inside the tote will protect papers.  Open-at-the-top totes invite pickpockets.  Make sure yours is closed at the top.

Briefcase or tote, select a size in proportion with your size.  A huge case or bag easily overpowers a petite figure.  Too large a tote and you look more like a packhorse.

Next:  Briefcases and combination solutions.

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM 

A briefcase is considered indispensible by women in conservative business positions with big-time needs in terms of space or a power look.  Briefcases come in two types, hard and soft-sided. 

Hard-sided or structural styles have a crisp, clean-cut appearance. The framework provides firm protection and keeps the case from expanding. If overloaded, they won’t close. 

Soft-sided styles have a softer, less clunky appearance.  They will expand to some degree, but look sloppy if overloaded.  Choose the type that best reflects your personal and professional style. 

Fontanelli Ladies' Leather Briefcase

For the best investment value, choose a leather briefcase.  Prices range from $180 to $300, but should last from five to ten years.  Briefcase leather should be somewhat thicker than the leather used in a firmly constructed handbag.  Thin, delicate leathers and the  glamour-leathers such as lizard, eelskin, ostrich skin do not hold up under daily use. 

Belting leather, with its visible and desirable imperfections, is the thickest and most durable.  It also the most expensive and subject to spotting or stains.  Body oils and hand lotions readily darken the handle and closure area.  This is not always appropriate for more formal business situations. 

Select a briefcase with a wooden case instead of cardboard.  Cardboard can crack, bend or curl, particularly if wet.   Cases come in two, three- and four-inch thicknesses.  Choose according to how much you have to carry.  Consider cases that include small inner compartments for pens or personal items and large ones for papers.  If you walk a lot, look for a slightly lighter weight case with a shoulder strap. 

Preferred colors include burgundy, brown, cinnamon rust, black and tan –in that order.  Black is the most formal looking briefcase.  Light colored cases weaken a power image. 

Examine all construction details.  Look for double-edges, with extra leather stitched on for added strength.  Double stitching increases durability. The corners of hard-sided cases should be rounded or reinforced with brass.  Open and shut the case several times.  Zippers should slide smoothly.  Sturdy clasps should fasten easily and securely. 

Handles reinforced with stitching are recommended.  Check to see that rivets on the handle and hinges at the back of the case are secure.  If glued only, the case will not last.  A removable shoulder strap aids handling when traveling or shopping. 


Quality leather-looking vinyl briefcases are available for prices that range from $50 to $125.  They generally last four to five years.  They should feature authentic stitching instead of embossing, reinforced corners and a reinforced real leather  handle. 

Shop for briefcases in large office supply stores as well as handbag and luggage departments or stores. 

Many business women can’t get along without two hand carried items.  A handbag used in combination with a portfolio  allows you a place for personal items along with sleek protection for paperwork.  Legal-sized portfolios come in leather, leather-like vinyl and canvas with leather binding. 

The larger totebag with portfolio inside offers flexibility as the portfolio comes out to be carried on its own when needed for a less cumbersome look.  A small clutch bag works well stored inside a briefcase or totebag during business hours, coming out for evening.  For that matter, both a small purse and portfolio can slip neatly inside, out of sight until needed. 

A smaller shoulder bag and briefcase carried on opposite sides of the body for a balanced appearance is also acceptable.  This solution offers maximum space and leaves your hand free to shake.  Select your bag to match or coordinate well with your briefcase. 

What you carry in your purse or briefcase is strictly up to you.  Just don’t stuff them to the brim or you will look clumsy and out of control.  The strain will also shorten the wear-life of the bag or case. 

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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