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By Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate

Closeup portrait of smiling young girls isolated on white

Practice consulting with volunteer clients who are extremely different from you.

One of the challenges that image consultants face is knowing how to dress other people according to their personal coloring, figure variation, personal style and lifestyle.  Dressing yourself MAY COME NATURAL TO YOU, but teaching others what works for them, and not necessarily you, is not so easy.  Once you’ve done your homework…because you have taken the advice in tip number 2 and have mastered Wardrobe Strategies…it’s time to implement what you’ve learned.  The best way to do this is by asking a few people if you could “practice” on them.  Because you don’t charge them a fee, you’ll likely have no shortage of volunteers, that’s why we call these no fee clients “volunteer clients”.

Choose people who are both in your target market and different from you in terms of personal coloring, figure variation, personal style and/or lifestyle.  I have dark blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, average height and build, and my personal style has a wide range.  My volunteer clients were so different from me!  One had black hair, very light skin, with hazel green eyes, a taller/larger build, with a very classic style.  My other volunteer client had dark brown hair, eyes, and skin, petite build, with a sporty/romantic personal style.  Boy did I learn from these two!  They were as different as night and day and expanded my understanding and appreciation for other women.   For example, I learned how to enhance the personal coloring of someone who is not blonde.    I learned about the fitting challenges that exist for so many people who are either taller than average or petite.  And personal style takes on a whole new light when considering such different personalities and backgrounds.  What a way to put my education to the test!  And what a great way to be prepared for the variety of clients I was soon to work with.

Practicing your skills on people who are vastly different from you is a wonderful way to help your clients look fabulous, which in turn, makes you a fabulous image consultant.  I couldn’t have done it without Conselle’s courses, however.  For MORE INFORMATION on how you can become a certified image consultant, click HERE.

A great education never goes out of style.


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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliatebig earrings

What’s wrong with those HUGE earrings?

  • One, they are impractical and often in the way. Talking on the phone with them is next to impossible.
  • Two, long earrings get caught on the shirt collar or shoulder causing snags and often embarrassment when someone sees you trying to untangle yourself from your clothing.
  • Three, they can even lead to a hospital visit.  A friend forgot she was wearing large hoop earrings when she brushed her hair.  The brush caught the earring and and pulled it straight through her ear.  Ouch!
  • Four, they usually end up “wearing you”, calling attention to themselves and away from you and what you have to say.  Instead of looking hip, you look like the latest fashion victim.
Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Too late, you say?  You’ve already bought them and aren’t anxious to get rid of them?  Avoid the embarrassment and possible pain by converting them into a necklace.  One large pendant isn’t going to compete for attention with your face like two HUGE earrings.

Take a simple chain that corresponds with the look of the earring, loop the earring hook over the chain and squeeze it together.  It’s a great look and leads attention up to your face instead of away from it.  It works.

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Conselle Affiliates who took the Image Consulting Training with Conselle

If you have been dreaming about starting an image consulting and personal stylist career working with clients on their personal and professional dress, you’ve likely done research into professional image consulting training.  One individual who contacted us recently about image consulting training said, “I assume all image trainings are about the same—teaching the same things in pretty much the same way.” Not at all.

The Conselle Institute of Image Management is the world’s premiere image consulting school, the first qualified post-secondary school in image management education.  At Conselle, you will learn from Certified Image Master Judith Rasband who has 14 years of university teaching experience and 25 years of hands on work with individual clients, corporate, academic, civic, and government groups.  You’ll be amazed at her inexhaustible high-energy attention and enthusiasm!

Here are 10 more great reasons to come to Conselle for Image Consulting training:

  1. We’re more polite than Stacy or Clinton.
  2. With Conselle, you don’t need a number of different courses. You get it all at once!
  3. Class size is small, so you receive personalized attention.
  4. At Conselle you experience a dynamic and interactive learning environment.
  5. With Conselle, you’re not limited, locked in, or labeled!
  6. We strike a balance between common sense and creativity.
  7. Conselle is synonymous with accuracy, trust, and completeness.
  8. For the person looking for a more personal approach, Conselle measures up.
  9. All client consultation Clinics are logical, replicable, and explainable.
  10. Conselle faculty and staff members are friendly, sensitive, and supportive over the long haul!

Plus, we have a lot of serious FUN!

Conselle provides all the systems and materials you need to launch your image consulting business right away.  Also, if you ever need a refresher on any of the material, Conselle Affiliates can come back through the training time and time again – at no additional cost!

The next Conselle Image Consulting Training is the fall session from March 5 – 19, 2011.  If you’re ready to start your image consulting business, register today!  Call 801-224-1207 or email kathy [at] conselle [dot] com for more information.

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2010

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would be happy to help you launch an exciting and fulfilling career as an image consultant!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM with Sarah Ward, Conselle Affililate

You may have noticed how these days it’s difficult to find harmonious high quality pattern designs.  Exhibit A:

Problematic Patterns by Conselle Problematic Patterns

Because in the last several decades we have gone through a period of minimalistic design in dress with lots of solid colors and few patterns, many of the young designers coming up the ladder have never been exposed to quality patterns or taught the proper characteristics of good design.  At the same time, Gen X and Gen Y consumers have never worn patterns and tend not to appreciate them (because Mom and Grandma wore patterns, they won’t dare!). 

In an effort to re-interest the young women of today in new patterns, you’ll see the retail locations bombarding consumers with pattern clothing.  But it doesn’t mean they’re all fabulous.  Not all patterns are created equal.

If you look at the red, white, and blue skirt on the bottom row, second from the left, you’ll notice the large floral print is right over the crotch area. 

Of course, not all patterns are problematic.  Here are three components for an excellent pattern:

  • Three Components for an Excellent Pattern #1: The best patterns integrate human colors, in other words, colors that are present in an individual’s personal coloring such as brown (eyes or hair), blue (eyes), green (eyes), ivory (skin), pink (cheek color), and so forth.  The most popular colors compliment your natural coloring. 

    Notice the human colors present in this Gucci scarf: brown, green, red, and taupe.

  • Three Components for an Excellent Pattern #2: If two or more patterns are integrated into one item of clothing, there needs to be a dominant pattern and subordinate pattern, made harmonious by a common color.  This is what we have taught at the Conselle Institute of Image Management for decades.  In evaluating a pattern, the eye needs a resting place. 
  • Three Components for an Excellent Pattern #3: Within a pattern, the motifs need to feature a shapes that progress in size from small to medium to large, and not skip from small to large. 

Since we showcased several less-than-desirable floral patterns, here is a harmonious, widely spaced floral pattern for your viewing pleasure:

Trashy Diva Floral Print Dress

If these three components of an excellent pattern have inspired you to learn more about patterns, through Conselle we teach a full day seminar on pattern selection and coordination in dress.  If you are a designer or even an image conscious individual who would appreciate further education on high quality harmonious patterns, this is a terrific course for you.  For more information visit www.conselle.com, email us at kathy [at] conselle [dot] com or call 801-224-1207. 

As a closing note, be sure the print doesn’t take dominance over you.  Above all, your face — where you communicate — should be the main focal point of your ensemble. 

Copyright Conselle L.C. 2010

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to educate you on pattern selection and coordination!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM with Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate

Image by © Colin Anderson/Brand X/Corbis

Have you ever questioned why it is that women are supposed to wear stockings?

At a national convention, one so-called expert said, “Men have to wear socks, so you have to wear them, too.”  I’m not buying that.  It is not a logical reasoning for why women wear stockings.  In order to come on board with this concept, women need real logic with value.

As we look back in history, women started wearing shorter skirts in the 1920s that showed a little more leg.  They also wore stockings for comfort and continued modesty.

Clothing sets the boundaries for social interaction as well as office interaction.  A bare leg invites touch.  Stockings say hands off.

Some women think that wearing stockings is old-fashioned and outdated.  There is real logic to wearing stockings.  We’re seeing a lot of ugly mottling and broken veins on women’s legs nowadays.  Stockings are an excellent solution as they give a flawless look to your legs.  When wearing nylons, you achieve that finished look.  For women that don’t care to wear nylons, they can choose to wear longer skirts instead.

Stockings also provide additional warmth in the cooler months and denote a cue to refinement as well.  Color and patterned tights have become all the rage among Generation X and Y, effectively opening them up to the concept and benefits of stockings for women.

It is my experience that when it comes to their image, it is important for women to understand why.  Why do women wear stockings?  A bare leg invites touch.  Stockings say hands off.

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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At the Conselle Institute of Image Management, students come from all over the world to study to become image consultants.

At Conselle, our mission is to make accurate, practical, and valuable image information available in an affordable, enjoyable, and instructional format empowering people to simplify and manage their lives more effectively; empowering people and organizations to significantly increase their performance capability in order to achieve worthwhile purposes through understanding and applying proven strategies of image management.

While attending Conselle, you will learn from Judith Rasband, the first individual to be awarded the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Certified Image Master title, the highest level of certification available in the industry.  By studying with Conselle, you will receive the best and most comprehensive image education available.

The next 15-Day Educational-Training will be held March 5 – 19, 2011 at the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Utah.

Here are photos from a recent Educational Training in 2009.

Sharri, Ann, Katherine, Sarah and Margaret at Robert Redford's Sundance for Lunch

Learning about proper table settings with Judith Rasband (in blue) at the Marriot Hotel in Provo, Utah

“I researched every training program. I called everyone. I chose yours. It gives me everything. Even [your competition] says you give more than they do. That’s exactly what I wanted.”Dalia Berman, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

We invite you to join us for our next Educational Training on July 10 – 24, 2010!  For more information on attending an Education Training at Conselle, please email us at kathy [at] conselle [dot] com or read this recent post, Become an Image Consultant.

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to jumpstart your image consulting career!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM with Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate

Skin Care Tips for Healthy and Radiant Skin. Photo c/o discovery.com

With January upon us, it’s time to take stock of your image.  We will explore different elements of your image including your skin care, hair care, body image, clothing and more.

Today we’ll evaluate several skin care tips for healthy and radiant skin in 2010.

  • Skin Care Tip #1: Ladies, don’t go to bed for the night with makeup on as it will clog your pores and can cause skin irritation and breakouts.  Do use makeup remover, then proceed with your face cleansing routine to remove the cosmetic residue.
  • Skin Care Tip #2: Male or female, when washing your face, rinse several times, then lather the palms of your hands with mild soap.  Use your lathered palms to wash your face, then rinse with warm water.
  • Skin Care Tip #3: Do apply a light coating of moisturizer to replace natural surface oils removed during cleaning and to help retain natural body moisture.
  • Skin Care Tip #4: After you climb out of the shower, dry off partially, then apply moisturizer to your body while it’s still somewhat moist.  This will help your skin to retain its moisture throughout the day.
  • Skin Care Tip #5: If you live in a dry climate, do use a humidifier in your home.  Your skin needs this additional moisture and care, especially during the winter when your skin is exposed to subzero temperatures and blasting heat inside.

Stay tuned for hair care tomorrow!

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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