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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate


  1. Own your own business.
  2. Flexible work hours—full-time or part-time. Work as much or as little as you like!
  3. Set your own fees.
  4. Earn an income doing what you love to do! The work is rewarding!
  5. Minimal start-up expense.
  6. Minimal overhead if home-based.
  7. Excellent growth potential.
  8. Your work is never boring. Every client is unique and fascinating.
  9. You feel good about helping others feel good about themselves. The work is fulfilling!

Our next educational series begins June 13-28, 2016

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“You opened my mind to all the hopes and dreams I have always had in this field. ”
Shannon Bradshaw
Petersburg, VA

“This program should be the standard training for every person calling themselves an image consultant. The course was even more than I expected—this is complete! The material is exceptional. It prepares you & sets you up for a successful business.”
Francesca Tedesco
New York City, NY

“This is one of the most thorough programs I have ever attended! Nothing was left to the imagination—the notebook, the handouts, the file with all it’s information. The sort activity is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. The Style Scale™ is brilliant and so easy to market. You are such a resource. A wonderful step-by-step presentation—the best! The seminar is worth more than I paid.”
Suzie Wilson
Houston, TX


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Do you absolutely love the clothes that are in your closet?  “No-o-o,” is usually the resounding response.  In today’s world, people do not plan their wardrobe in any sense of the word.  They run to the store at the last minute and grab what ever suits their fancy for the occasion.  There is virtually no thought given as to how the pieces fit their body, their psyche, or into their existing wardrobe–pieces that were never quite right but we stubbornly try to make work.
The pieces end up at the end of your closet rod, never to be worn again–and yes, they make a lot of people feel guilty about the waste.  With a closet full of odds and ends, people are not prepared for the places they need or want to go.  I hear this lament wherever I go to speak.  Often, as a result, the person just sits at home becoming the common couch potato.  That’s not healthy, not physically nor mentally.  We need to plan for the clothes that give life to our lives.
Plan to take advantage of future opportunities as they pop up.  Put the clothes in your closet that provide you with the looks you like, that reflect or project who you are and what you are all about–clothes that work like tools to succeed in a wide range of situations or occasions.  Whether we pay full price or purchase on sale, people who appreciate and love to wear their clothes shop with a purpose, with intent.  I call this strategic shopping and dressing – in clusters.
Fall Cluster - for virtually any figure type

Cluster Guidelines:

  1. Find a source of inspiration – a pattern of colors in a print, stripe, or plaid – to inspire the color scheme of your cluster.  She used the scarves (above) for inspiration.
  2. Plan for 5 to 8 easy pieces of clothing – top and bottom pieces.
  3. Select pieces that are basic – simple in style lines and shape.
  4. Select pieces that go together – will work with at least three, four, or more other pieces.
  5. Select pieces that are distinctly different from one another – no two pieces alike, not yet.
  6. Select accessories to go with the clothes – essential basic accessories first.
  7. Gradually expand your cluster(s) – to meet all your wardrobe needs.  This expanded cluster of 8 pieces will create weeks of interesting looks!


Still not feeling the love from your clothing?  Contact us.  We’ll help you reconnect with the pieces that make you look and feel fabulous!  Call 801-224-1207 or find us HERE.



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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliatebig earrings

What’s wrong with those HUGE earrings?

  • One, they are impractical and often in the way. Talking on the phone with them is next to impossible.
  • Two, long earrings get caught on the shirt collar or shoulder causing snags and often embarrassment when someone sees you trying to untangle yourself from your clothing.
  • Three, they can even lead to a hospital visit.  A friend forgot she was wearing large hoop earrings when she brushed her hair.  The brush caught the earring and and pulled it straight through her ear.  Ouch!
  • Four, they usually end up “wearing you”, calling attention to themselves and away from you and what you have to say.  Instead of looking hip, you look like the latest fashion victim.
Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Too late, you say?  You’ve already bought them and aren’t anxious to get rid of them?  Avoid the embarrassment and possible pain by converting them into a necklace.  One large pendant isn’t going to compete for attention with your face like two HUGE earrings.

Take a simple chain that corresponds with the look of the earring, loop the earring hook over the chain and squeeze it together.  It’s a great look and leads attention up to your face instead of away from it.  It works.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliatec55be33505f36fabab4dcda5e4e8ee79

Why is it that so few people know how to dress well?  Why doesn’t everyone look terrific?  Excuses.  Endless excuses are given to justify or unload responsibility for a poor appearance.  To begin, we have to overcome the Puritan holdover that say looking great is vain and somehow a sin.

Typical Excuse / Attitude

  1. “I don’t want to look fake.” Too vain.
  2. “I could be more attractive if I had the money.”  Too expensive.
  3. “I don’t have time to shop, I’m just too busy.” Too time consuming.
  4. “I would look better if I weren’t so heavy.  When I lose…” Too much weight.
  5. “My mother never taught me about fashion.  I would look better if I knew how.”  Too much to learn.
  6. “I’ve been dressing myself every day since kindergarten.  What’s there to know about clothes?”  Too much for granted.
  7. “I couldn’t care less.  Clothes really don’t matter.”  Too little value.
  8. “It’s the designers and fashion of today that make me look so bad.”  Too ridiculous.
  9. “It’s all a matter of opinion.  Anything goes.” Or, “It’s so confusing, I don’t know what to believe anymore.” Too many opinions.
  10. “I’m overwhelmed by so much to choose from”  Too many options.
  11. “I don’t want to even look at myself.”  Too personal.
  12. “It’s so much work, I give up before I begin.”  Too hard.
  13. “If I look good, people notice me, then they expect too much from me.”  Too much attention.

Forget the excuses.  There are no valid excuses.  Conselle has the solution to every excuse.  We will take out the fear, the frustration, and put back in the fun and logic of fashion.  Yes, fun and logic can intertwine to create a harmonious, confident, fabulous you.  Are you or someone you know living in fear?  We can help.  Book an appointment for a Discovery Call and receive a free snag repair tool from our Fashion Emergency Tool Kit.

Schedule your appointment with Conselle here!

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate

What’s your contribution to earth day?  Do you feel like you are doing your best to

recycle?  Many of us have gotten the hang of recycling our food containers and

newspapers.  But what about clothing?  Here are 3 very different ways you can

focus on earth friendly attire for Earth Day.


Option 1. Wear clothing made entirely of recycled materials.  (Not gonna

happen.)  Although dresses made from laundry bags, food wrappers and cardboard

have made the news, I doubt you will see your neighbors wearing them in the

grocery store any time soon.  Aside from being itchy and smelling like Cheetos, this

type of clothing is just plain uncomfortable.

recycled food wrappers


Option 2. Wear clothing made of fabric containing some recycled material. 

(Now this is possible.) Some clothing manufacturers, such as Levi Strauss, have

found a way to incorporate plastic bottles into their denim.  On October 31, 2012,

Levi Strauss & Co.  “announced a new collection of denim apparel, including jeans,

that will be comprised of a minimum 20 percent of plastics recycled from drinks

bottles and food trays.” (gizmag.com)




Option 3. Wear good quality classic clothing that will outwear and out

trend fast fashion.  (This one is doable!)

Fast fashion clutters your closet, your mind and your land fill.

What is fast fashion?  These are stores that introduce new styles every month, every

week, and two or three times per week for some.  That’s why it’s called fast fashion.

The low prices are largely due to low quality-cheap chic. Forever 21, Charlotte Russe,

Buckle, H&M, Zara, and American Eagle Outfitters are applying fast fashion’s

here-today-gone-tomorrow mindset with prices consumers can’t resist.   For real-life

wardrobe needs, fast fashion is not something to indulge in or depend on. Disposable

is part of the fast fashion process.  With low prices and low quality, fast fashions

have to be tossed after a few wearings or washings because they are either worn out

or out of style.  To avoid getting sucked in, make classic pieces the bulk of your

wardrobe, with a few trendy items to update and add some fun.

Buy well, wear well, love your planet on Earth Day

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate


1. Experience an energizing self-discovery.
2. Gain information you’ll want to teach your family.
3. Never be a fashion victim again!
4. Save time, money, space, and simplify your life!
5. Have fun with fashion and make it work for you!

Learn more about our Style for Life Retreat here:  http://conselle.com/image-enhancement-retreat.php

or call 801.224.1207

Take an empowering journey that makes you stop and think seriously about your values, attitudes, interests, roles, and goals as they relate to the way you present yourself – the way you think, feel, act or behave, and the way others react or respond to you. The result? Old attitudes an inhibitors will give way to new attitudes and strategies for personal image management and family wardrobe management. The sooner you learn the valuable concepts, strategies, and skills, the more effective and efficient you will become.


Monday, May 6, 2013 to
Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little America Hotel
500 S Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

by Friday, April 26, 2013

(Early Bird Discount before April 12, 2013)

Book your Style For Life adventure by calling 801.224.1207 and learn enough about how to dress, care for, and carry yourself to last a lifetime & simplify your life in the process.

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Black and white patterns are everywhere this season.  However, with the extreme value contrast, it can be hard to see through the clothes to the person wearing them.  Here are few tips on how to put the focus where it should be … on you.

Color – What’s your best color?  The colors that have been given to you from birth, of course.  If you have black hair or white hair, black and white clothing will enhance your hair color by repetition.  If your hair is another color, it may get lost in the drama of black and white.  Does that mean, you cannot wear this trend if you are a blonde, for example?  Absolutely not!  But in order to keep the focus on you, and not your clothing, you need to add a bit of “you” to the outfit, (see option A).  Wear a belt and shoes that match your hair coloring, (option C).  Try a scarf or necklace and earrings that match the color of your eyes, (option B).

Pattern – The size of the pattern should correspond with the size of the figure.  A fuller figured person can wear a larger pattern, (option A).   A small pattern on that same person, however could accentuate her size due to the strong contrast.  A petite figure can expect to look great in medium to small prints, (option C).  However, large black and white flowers on a dress will drown out her petite figure.

Texture – The weight of the fabric is one of those details that can make or break the statement you are trying to make.  Aim for fabrics that are lighter weight for petites, (option C), and firmer for larger frames, (option A).

Choosing the right clothing can be simple. Consider who you are….your personal coloring and figure type, then choose  the color, pattern, and texture to match. Love wearing black and white?  Great!  Now you can make sure they see beyond the clothes to you.

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