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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM with Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate 

Easy Tips for Improved Health and Wellness. Photo c/o Adria Richards

With New Years’ just around the corner, it’s time to re-evaluate your image.  Yesterday we looked at hair care tips for a well-kept coiffure and today we’ll evaluate several easy tips for improved health and wellness. 

  • Easy Tip for Improved Health and Wellness #1: Do set aside time for three to five exercise periods a week.  Then walk, run, swim, dance, bicycle, weight lift, do yoga, play tennis or jump on a mini-trampoline — whatever works for you.  The increased physical activity will produce endorphins and improve your mood.
  • Easy Tip for Improved Health and Wellness #2: Don’t get by with less sleep than you need and lose your looks because of lost sleep.  Do relax before bedtime to take your mind off sleep-robbing matters, than allow seven or eight hours for much-needed “beauty sleep”.
  • Easy Tip for Improved Health and Wellness #3: Do stay hydrated and make a goal to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  Water flushes the toxins from your body, and will help you stay alert and energized during your day.
  • Easy Tip for Improved Health and Wellness #4: Don’t slump or slouch.  Do stand tall and walk with an air of good health and confidence.  Plus, good posture will automatically make you appear to weigh 10 pounds less than you really do!  Particularly timely advice considering the extra eating enjoyed by all over the holidays.
  • Easy Tip for Improved Health and Wellness #5: Each day, look for an opportunity to do something kind for someone else.  Open the door for a fellow store patron, smile at a stranger, call an old friend to say hello.  Remember, what goes around definitely comes around!

Stay tuned for tips to improve your image for 2010

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  2010 is a great time to turn the page and welcome in a more authentic version of you.  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.


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