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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate

Back in the 1920s, an economist named George Taylor introduced the “hemline index”, suggesting a correlation between skirt hemlines and economic stability and growth. In times of prosperity, hemlines go up. When things look uncertain, hemlines go down. That certainly provides a logical perspective to the outgoing mini and incoming “midi” and maxi skirts.

Mini. Many fashionistas today are viewing the miniskirt as outdated. “It just looks like you’re trying too hard,” Sharon Graubard of Stylesight, a style forecasting company in New York told the Wall Street Journal. Considering the recession and men at war, “That whole if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it thing really doesn’t go right now.” Even so, there are still young people who are going to wear miniskirts, no matter what the latest trend is.

Midi. The below the knee to mid-calf length skirt is all over the runways and red carpets these days and is being heralded as the most ladylike length by many fashion designers. While that might be, this style doesn’t work for everyone and the person wearing them ought to have a slim leg, otherwise it’s going to emphasize a large calf and look frumpy. Know that the midi needs to hemmed just below the thickest part of the calf  in order to appear flattering.

Maxi. We saw the return of the maxi skirt in 2010 thanks to the likes of Marc Jacob. With it came a sigh of relief from many since maxi skirts are far more accommodating for a variety of body types. The maxi skirt is appropriate for day and evening social occasions, but too long for office business.

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