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By Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate

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Learn the language necessary to communicate with clarity, accuracy, and sensitivity to consumers, clients, colleagues, and professionals beyond our fashion field.

Parlez vous the language of clothes?  When I was at the university, studying business, one of my professors said something I’ll never forget.  “A precise vocabulary, using the rights words in the right situations, will sky rocket your career.”   This couldn’t be more true than in the field of image consulting.  In order to help our clients understand the vision for their future transformation, we must use accurate descriptions of where they are now and where they are going.  Does your arsenal of image terminology include the names of colors that instantly evoke a sensory response?  Can you help someone visualize and even smell the the color being described? How about your knowledge of fabric and texture?  Do your words allow others to feel the fabric without actually touching it because your description is so accurate?  How well are you able to describe the lines, shapes, and patterns in a design that would be terrific for your client?

The truth is, people hire us because they would like to see a change in themselves.  But change is hard, it’s so easy to fall back into bad habits.  After we sell them on the initial service, we still work to convince them that this new change is going to be wonderful and that they’re in good hands.  In so doing,  our people gain the confidence to practice what we’ve taught them after we leave and actually make the transformation they have been seeking.  A precise vocabulary leads to precise image consulting and very happy clients.

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A great education never goes out of style.


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March is Women’s History Month.  President Ronald Regan proclaimed the week of March 7th,1982 as Women’s History Week.  The commemoration expanded to Women’s History Month in 1987 to honor and celebrate the struggles and achievements of American women throughout the history of the United States. Filling a vital role in the history of America, women struggled for and won their right to vote.   In the 1970s women claimed their right to work with equal pay and to be treated as more than a sex object.  
Women of generation X and Y are too young to remember this and today, some purposely objectify themselves in sleazy dress and grooming.  National media, intent on shock value, continues to picture women in an inferior, less capable, subjective manner.  Consider Disel ad photos that label women as “STUPID.”
Notice the increasing number of fashion models positioned pigeon-toed, intended to make women appear childish, off-balance, and incapable of taking care of ourselves.yhst-77635605222520_2250_11369956
Begin now, this Women’s History Week, to stand tall with weight positioned solidly on both feet.  Choose to wear clothes that are well fitted with ease, that do not distract attention to the body and thoughts of casual sex.  Choose to wear a shirt with a collar to lift attention and frame your face for better communication.  Wear a jacket to slightly expand your body image boundaries causing you to appear more authoritative, in charge of yourself and the situation.  There are literally hundreds of jackets to choose from, according to your personal style.  Look at people straight in the eye with a smile, making obvious contact that says, “Hello. I’m worth knowing.”
Make your place in history as you choose to make the world a better place

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