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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate


  1. Own your own business.
  2. Flexible work hours—full-time or part-time. Work as much or as little as you like!
  3. Set your own fees.
  4. Earn an income doing what you love to do! The work is rewarding!
  5. Minimal start-up expense.
  6. Minimal overhead if home-based.
  7. Excellent growth potential.
  8. Your work is never boring. Every client is unique and fascinating.
  9. You feel good about helping others feel good about themselves. The work is fulfilling!

Our next educational series begins June 13-28, 2016

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“You opened my mind to all the hopes and dreams I have always had in this field. ”
Shannon Bradshaw
Petersburg, VA

“This program should be the standard training for every person calling themselves an image consultant. The course was even more than I expected—this is complete! The material is exceptional. It prepares you & sets you up for a successful business.”
Francesca Tedesco
New York City, NY

“This is one of the most thorough programs I have ever attended! Nothing was left to the imagination—the notebook, the handouts, the file with all it’s information. The sort activity is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. The Style Scale™ is brilliant and so easy to market. You are such a resource. A wonderful step-by-step presentation—the best! The seminar is worth more than I paid.”
Suzie Wilson
Houston, TX


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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM

From L to R: Neil & Judith Rasband, Rakesh & Suman Agarwal, Laura Beth Brown, Leslie Wells

Forgive the absence, it’s been an amazing learning experience with our India Connection.  Rakesh and Suman Agarwal from Mumbai, India are curriculum partners with the Conselle Insitute in establishing image management education throughout India.  They arrived last Sunday to Salt Lake City, Utah.

While they were here, I did a complete personal color evaluation with Rakesh to familiarize him with the process of becoming part of the color scheme with his clothes.  This is a typical service that we offer you as part of our Image Enhancement Retreat

Suman and I worked closely with each of Conselle’s private client Clinics, enhancing the client relationship and clarifying her understanding.  This is the type of personal attention all of our clients and Affiliates receive.  We are committed to helping you master these important concepts with a healthy dose of fun! 

On the last night before they left, we brought out our beautiful Indian garments that Rakesh and Suman had given us.  We all dressed up and enjoyed a wonderful traditional Indian dinner at the popular Bombay House. 

Looking ahead, we’re excited to have made plans for my first trip to India in February. 

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2010

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and the Chairman of the Board for the Image Consultant’s Society International.  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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Suman Agarwal with Judith Rasband

First Impression Consulting Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai (Bombay), India founded by Rakesh Agarwal and Suman Agarwal, has recently partnered with the Conselle Institute of Image Management to introduce image consulting education and services in India. 

After investigating many image consulting trainers throughout the world, Rakesh chose the Conselle Institute as the finest image education curriculum and facility available worldwide.  He and his wife Suman traveled to Utah in 2009 to meet Judith Rasband, Conselle’s founder.  After three days of presentation and discussion at Conselle’s Learning Center, Judith and Rakesh signed agreements that will allow Agarwal the rights to use Conselle’s extensive materials in India. 

Rakesh is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in engineering and business management.  Upon returning to India after his education, he was involved with many successful business enterprises before establishing the Image Consulting Business Institute (IBCI), a division of First Impression Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in 2009.

 “We are very happy to have the best curriculum from one so experienced as Judith Rasband,” says Rakesh.  “She is the expert, energetic, and an excellent example of a successful entrepreneur. As an image management specialist, she is an agent of change with practical and immediately applicable techniques and strategies for taking charge of appearance. Her ability to zero in on the immediate needs of individuals results in outstanding levels of personal development and goal achievement.”

Board Members from L to R: Debra, Diana, Judith, Susan, Rakesh (seated)

Agarwal has also spearheaded the Image Consultant’s Society International, a non-profit organization that will educate, facilitate, and regulate the industry within India and the Middle East.  Conselle will function as the agent of certification for ICSI, with Judith Rasband as the Chairman of the Advisory Board.  Participating board members were hand selected and include Susan Bigsby from Florida, Deborah King from Texas, Diana Jennings from California, Lora Beth Brown from Utah, and Deborah Gray and John Kerr from England. 

“Image consultants offer the kind of advice that can help clients land a job, keep a job, secure a promotion, find a mate, get elected, or just feel better about themselves,” says Agarwal. “Our business program includes three months of learning followed by another three months mentorship providing a complete business incubation program and set-up support.”

He adds, “India is the second fastest growing economy in the world and simultaneously hosts the youngest population globally. With this huge youth population competing fiercely in global markets, the demand for image consultants is set to grow exponentially. Image consulting is a multi-billion dollar industry globally and is now poised to grow in India to similar levels with the help of Judith Rasband and Conselle.”

For more information about Conselle’s India Connection, visit the Conselle website or the First Impressions website here.

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2010

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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