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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate


Nothing upgrades your wardrobe and simplifies your work mornings like a coat/jacket. Which jacket depends on who you are and what you do. Three options for 2012!


Relaxed Updated Safari: The updated safari jacket, above, unstructured enough to convey relaxation, yet “jacket” enough to communicate visual authority. It’s the right choice for you if your work is low-key, creative or outside the nine-to-five routine, or if you’re a work-at-home mom out on errands. Terrific on the weekend! (Ralph Lauren)

Schoolboy blazer in Morse code jacquard

Easy-dressing Sportive Blazer: the chic jacquard stripe jacket, above, timeless and timely classic shape and styling.  The right choice for you if your workplace doesn’t require strict suit looks; if you prefer clothes that translate active into polished. Wear it open for a more relaxed appeal.  (J.Crew school boy jacket)

Professional Currently Trendy Double-Breasted Cut-away Blazer: a jacket for the woman who needs the real thing, above, a classic turned modern thanks to eye-catching buttons, and feminine silhouette. The right choice for you if work clothes are your priority now; if you hanker for clothes that express individuality without compromising on authority. (H&M Blazer)


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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM with Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate 

Do graphic tees belong in the workplace? Photo c/o uniformchanges.co.uk

Last week I was asked to speak to a class of dietetics majors at a local university on professional image.  The only male in the room was dressed in casual cargo pants and an old T-shirt with Mickey Mouse emblazoned across his chest.  It was everything I could do to look him in the eye, rather than at his chest.  

A word on graphic tees in the workplace: They’re distracting.  Do you think the viewer is going to be able to get past the Mickey Mouse on your chest up to your face to communicate with you?  Save the graphic tees with large lettering and images for social situations.  

A collar shirt will help you appear competent and alert. Photo c/o about.com

When in a professional environment, opt for a shirt with a collar instead.  A shirt with a collar can be a sport shirt, a polo, a button-down top, shawl collar or even a turtleneck.  It will frame your face and draw attention upwards for improved communication while making you appear alert and competent.  

A good rule of thumb is this: If something about your appearance is distracting — be it wrinkled clothing, cleavage, or white socks with black pants — it doesn’t belong in the workplace. 

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Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to help you assemble a cluster of clothes for your professional environment!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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