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By Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliate


Fractal image, the ultimate culmination of science, mathematics, and art. (From Coby01 Deviant Art.)

One of the areas that sets Conselle apart is its ability to rely on classic principles of art, and science including mathematics.  As Conselle image consultants, we use the artistic elements and principles of design taught in every university level art foundation class around the world.  Why?  Because what you put on your body is your own artistic representation of who you are.  And it communicates something about you.  It may say that you are incredibly creative, artistically confused, completely boring, or something else entirely. Nevertheless, what you wear speaks before you even say a word.  Because fashion trends come and go, your education can become quickly dated if the focus is only on what’s hot now.  Understanding the messages each artistic element of design conveys, how they relate to the body and personality of each of my clients has helped me find the perfect fit for them.  Science comes into play when we uncover differences in perception, psychological messages, figure variations and anatomy, just to name a few.  These concepts are timeless and will support your career as far as you want to take it.

Judith Rasband says, “Conselle affiliates identify your natural personal characteristics or traits and align them in harmony with clothing and grooming traits, after balancing or counter balancing dominant traits as needed.”

My business is growing and will continue to flourish because of the concepts, strategies and skills based on classic academic principles that relate to what we’re seeing now and will see in the future.   It’s all thanks to Conselle Institute of Image Management. A great education never goes out of style.

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“Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession”

Become an Image Consultant!

Finding your passion in life and doing what you love is a lot harder than it may seem.  Even if you are lucky enough to identify image as your passion, turning it into a successful business or profession can be impossible without all the “right stuff.”

To become an image consultant, you must acquire essential and proven principle-based concepts, strategies, systems, materials, and tools with life-changing skills allowing you to work at the highest levels of personal and professional effectiveness.

We at the Conselle Institute of Image Management are prepared to be your partner for success.  We invite you to enter an exciting, fulfilling, and financially profitable career as a Conselle certified image management consultant and wardrobe stylist.

We want you to experience the joy of providing life-enhancing seminars and services designed to help each client look and feel fabulous from the inside out.  In the process of helping others, you will experience life-enhancing changes in your own life

To Become an Image Consultant You Are Going Where?

Utah Valley Photo c/o Willie Holdman

Conselle’s newly extended 15-Day Educational-Training is held in beautiful Utah Valley, just South of Salt Lake City, Utah—crossroads of America.  We live with a marvelous advantage in Mountain America.  We see it all, from the best to the worst in fashion and image from all directions.

From Conselle’s vantage point, we’re better able to evaluate with a more objective eye, what comes out of the New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas fashion and image markets—international markets as well.

At Conselle we analyze and synthesize, projecting what works, what doesn’t work, and WHY—enabling us to prosper and continually advance the image industry, now fifty years running.

Receive All the “Right Stuff” for All the Right Reasons!

Conselle’s 15-day Educational-Training in Image Management is the most comprehensive and complete image education program available worldwide.  The Institute itself passes all requirements as a registered post-secondary school.

We have what you’re looking for to become an image consultant—what you need to succeed in the image industry.  The Conselle Educational-Training program provides the foundation on which to build your image career, with the reproducible framework to make it work for you and your clients.

Not to get caught up in the academics of learning, we strive to promote a passion for learning, to nurture the heart and soul of learning—engaging the interest and passion of the participant, and that could be you.

Throughout the program there is a continued application of your new knowledge and skills to achieve practical results with benefits your clients can see immediately.  All interactive exercises and activities are deliberately structured to allow you to put into practice what you have just learned about.

We strive to build your enthusiasm for the topics we present, again, to promote a passion for learning.  We stimulate greater personal development by tailoring subject matter to your interests and passion.  In learning, when you enjoy the process, you make more progress.  Add to that, we aim to introduce elements of fun and surprise into the entire program.  We laugh a lot!


We invite you to join us for our next Educational Training March 5 – 19, 2011!  For more information contact us at kathy [at] conselle [dot] com or call 801-224-1207.

Come to Conselle to Become an Image Consultant

Copyright 2009 Conselle Institute of Image Management

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