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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM

Just because a makeover gets good media exposure doesn’t mean the results and information are equally good.  During a recent TV makeover, the “expert” declared, “Get rid of the all taupe outfit.  It’s BO-RING!”

That pronouncement is extreme and doesn’t help anyone.

The expert’s actual makeover outfit, in an attempt to avoid boring was equally extreme.  The taupe-colored shirt was paired with a big, bold orange colored white and navy-blue print shirt that visually clashed with the mood of the skirt.  The overall look for the mediocre makeover was just cheap.

So let’s start over.  An all taupe outfit can be absolutely gorgeous – elegant if put together with an eye to clothing as an art form.  First of all, the taupe color needs to repeat the ash blonde or light ash brown hair color.  The monochromatic ‘repetition’ will make the wearer part of a harmonious color scheme with the clothes.  Next, the taupe needs to be presented in a variety of textures.  Interesting textures transform boring to beautiful!  Picture a silky taupe shirt with taupe colored wool or linen slacks, depending on the climate, topped with a great cable knit or rib knit sweater and a mix of metallic brass or taupe ceramic jewelry.

Taupe Monochromatic Set

Now that’s an “Ah Ha” outfit!  Taupe can be beautiful.  It’s not only what you wear, it’s how you wear it!

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