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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM and Dani Slaugh, Conselle Affiliatebig earrings

What’s wrong with those HUGE earrings?

  • One, they are impractical and often in the way. Talking on the phone with them is next to impossible.
  • Two, long earrings get caught on the shirt collar or shoulder causing snags and often embarrassment when someone sees you trying to untangle yourself from your clothing.
  • Three, they can even lead to a hospital visit.  A friend forgot she was wearing large hoop earrings when she brushed her hair.  The brush caught the earring and and pulled it straight through her ear.  Ouch!
  • Four, they usually end up “wearing you”, calling attention to themselves and away from you and what you have to say.  Instead of looking hip, you look like the latest fashion victim.
Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Large earring attached to a gold chain.

Too late, you say?  You’ve already bought them and aren’t anxious to get rid of them?  Avoid the embarrassment and possible pain by converting them into a necklace.  One large pendant isn’t going to compete for attention with your face like two HUGE earrings.

Take a simple chain that corresponds with the look of the earring, loop the earring hook over the chain and squeeze it together.  It’s a great look and leads attention up to your face instead of away from it.  It works.

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At the Conselle Institute of Image Management, students come from all over the world to study to become image consultants.

At Conselle, our mission is to make accurate, practical, and valuable image information available in an affordable, enjoyable, and instructional format empowering people to simplify and manage their lives more effectively; empowering people and organizations to significantly increase their performance capability in order to achieve worthwhile purposes through understanding and applying proven strategies of image management.

While attending Conselle, you will learn from Judith Rasband, the first individual to be awarded the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Certified Image Master title, the highest level of certification available in the industry.  By studying with Conselle, you will receive the best and most comprehensive image education available.

The next 15-Day Educational-Training will be held March 5 – 19, 2011 at the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Utah.

Here are photos from a recent Educational Training in 2009.

Sharri, Ann, Katherine, Sarah and Margaret at Robert Redford's Sundance for Lunch

Learning about proper table settings with Judith Rasband (in blue) at the Marriot Hotel in Provo, Utah

“I researched every training program. I called everyone. I chose yours. It gives me everything. Even [your competition] says you give more than they do. That’s exactly what I wanted.”Dalia Berman, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

We invite you to join us for our next Educational Training on July 10 – 24, 2010!  For more information on attending an Education Training at Conselle, please email us at kathy [at] conselle [dot] com or read this recent post, Become an Image Consultant.

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to jumpstart your image consulting career!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM

A New Year, A New You! Photo c/o dailymakeover.com

It is a new year, and a new you may be waiting just around the corner.  Perhaps 2010 is the year to upgrade your appearance.  Maybe you’d like a new way of wearing your hair, an improved way of applying a little makeup, or a plan for a winning wardrobe. 

Achieving an improvement in personal appearance is one of the fastest, most effective ways I know to boost self-esteem.  When you like yourself, it’s a lot easier to pick yourself up when the going gets rough and do whatever has to be done in your day.

Break overwhelmingly large projects into smaller and more manageable steps to be completed one by one.  With each small goal achieved, you’ll feel the joy of victory. 

One such victory was won by a woman whose time and budget were devoted to her family.  She had dreamed of a total make-over for herself, but there never seemed enough time or funds to work on such an enormous project. 

Look at the difference eyebrows can make! Photo c/o oprah.com

Look forward to the marvelous sense of accomplishment that awaits you.  Think of how great you’ll feel when you look in the mirror and see a revitalized you!

Commitment to the task is vital.  Put it on your calendar so it becomes a real part of your life.  Many people are spurred to action when they’ve got a target day to aim for.  “Today I am determined to improve my appearance,” is the promise one busy bread-winner makes to herself. 

So I ask you, what one small improvement in your looks have you wanted to make for a long time?  The new year holds the promise for a more attractive appearance for those who have decided that the time is now.  Have a Happy Near Year!

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to help you discover a new, revitalized you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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Improve Your Image in 2010! Photo c/o family-vacation-getaways.com

By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM

Happy New Year!  As you resolve to dress in a more authentic manner in 2010, here are some tips to improve your image in 2010! 

  • Tip to Improve Your Image #1: Wear clothes that fit well — you’ll look slimmer and smarter in clothes that fit with a little extra ease around the body.
  • Tip to Improve Your Image #2: Rather than limiting yourself to a narrow range of clothing styles, colors or fabrics, remain open.  Become more aware of creative combinations in line, shape, color and texture as shown in magazine pictures and store displays.
  • Tip to Improve Your Image #3: Don’t overdo the accessories and decorative detail in your outfit.  Create one major point of emphasis with decoration or accessories, usually near your face.  All other areas and accessories should be less important in the amount of attention they claim.
  • Tip to Improve Your Image #4: Clothing worn dancing on Saturday night isn’t appropriate for the office.  Save the glitter and glitz for after dark. 
  • Tip to Improve Your Image #5: Don’t be afraid to try out a new look for fear of making a mistake.  Experiment with looks you like.  If you make an occasional mistake, it’s a good indication that you’re learning.  And when you resolve not to make that same mistake again, you come closer to your goal of creating the look you like.

Resolutions give purpose, structure and control to our lives — goals to work toward as you begin the new year.  Set yourself small, realistic goals with immediate results. 

If you have questions about how to begin and reach your image-improvement goals, send them to judith [at] conselle[dot] com. 

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  2010 is a great time to turn the page and welcome in a more authentic version of you.  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM with Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate

Skin Care Tips for Healthy and Radiant Skin. Photo c/o discovery.com

With January upon us, it’s time to take stock of your image.  We will explore different elements of your image including your skin care, hair care, body image, clothing and more.

Today we’ll evaluate several skin care tips for healthy and radiant skin in 2010.

  • Skin Care Tip #1: Ladies, don’t go to bed for the night with makeup on as it will clog your pores and can cause skin irritation and breakouts.  Do use makeup remover, then proceed with your face cleansing routine to remove the cosmetic residue.
  • Skin Care Tip #2: Male or female, when washing your face, rinse several times, then lather the palms of your hands with mild soap.  Use your lathered palms to wash your face, then rinse with warm water.
  • Skin Care Tip #3: Do apply a light coating of moisturizer to replace natural surface oils removed during cleaning and to help retain natural body moisture.
  • Skin Care Tip #4: After you climb out of the shower, dry off partially, then apply moisturizer to your body while it’s still somewhat moist.  This will help your skin to retain its moisture throughout the day.
  • Skin Care Tip #5: If you live in a dry climate, do use a humidifier in your home.  Your skin needs this additional moisture and care, especially during the winter when your skin is exposed to subzero temperatures and blasting heat inside.

Stay tuned for hair care tomorrow!

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM 

Are you giving gifts based on YOUR personal style?

All too often we select a gift according to our own personal style and preferences, our needs and wants, without giving serious consideration to those of the receiver.  Being no exception, I once gave my daughter a crocheted sweater vest one Christmas.  I absolutely loved it.  But it wasn’t until I questioned her as to why she hadn’t worn it that I discovered her true feelings about the gift.  “Gee Mom,” she wailed, “it’s not my fault we don’t have the same taste in clothes.” 

I had a good laugh as I remember a lavender floral print dress bedecked with ruffles and lace my father gave me for Christmas when I was a teen.  It was beautiful, but I couldn’t wear it.  It was too pretty, too “cutesy” for me.  I prefer more tailored, sportive clothing styles. 

Have you ever received a gift you didn’t like?  How did you respond? 

These memories bring me to the problem of guilt.  If the giver is a family member or a good friend, you may feel obligated to wear the clothes, regardless of how you look or feel in them.  They can present you in a way not in harmony with your body build, your values or personality traits.  That’s uncomfortable, too.  On the other hand, you may refuse to wear them, thus offend the giver, and feel doubly guilty yourself. 

Have you ever felt guilty for not liking a gift you received? Photo c/o raisedpath.com

To avoid these problems, you need to start early, to discover for yourself and then teach your family what you do like in clothes — what works for you, for your personal style, roles, and goals. 

Tomorrow we’ll address in greater detail how to teach your family what your personal preferences are and get the gift you need. 

Copyright Judith Rasband and Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to work with you!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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By Judith Rasband, AICI CIM with Sarah Ward, Conselle Affiliate 

The temperatures have dropped, the snow is falling and the winter wind is blowing.  Winter is definitely upon us.  Here are a few no-fail tips to help you keep warm this winter: 

  • Keep Warm this Winter Tip #1: Gloves. Have you ever been shocked at the frigid temperature of your steering wheel first thing in the morning?  A pair of gloves will help your hands stay warm amid the freezing temperatures, especially when clearing the ice off the windshield.

Insulated Leather Gloves from LL Bean


  • Keep Warm this Winter Tip #2: Mufflers. A good muffler is essential to keeping your neck warm this winter season.  A few different muffler options in various hues will allow you to color coordinate with your outfit of choice.
  • Keep Warm this Winter Tip #3: Leggings. Don a pair of leggings underneath your pants for some added protection against the cold.  You’ll be amazed at the difference the extra layer will make!While my family and I were living in Europe while on a sabbatical leave, we were travelling in Vienna and found ourselves absolutely freezing in the middle of the snow storm of the century.  We all wore our pajamas underneath our clothing to survive the storm!

'Denim' Leggings from Nordstrom


How do you keep warm during the winter? 

Copyright Conselle L.C. 2009

Judith Rasband is the Image Expert and would love to help you keep warm this winter in style!  Visit www.conselle.com or call 801-224-1207 to learn more.

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